Data Science

Smartlytics data science services allows businesses to drill through their data and unleash the full potential of big data. Our Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) services allows your business to win through actionable insights and data based decision making.

Customer Churn

We help you analyse and predict customer churn and guide you on how to retain your customers


You have access to large amounts of text data and we help you find answers to some of your key business questions through text analytics

Transaction Prediction

What will your customers buy next?  Which customer is more likely to buy a certain product or service?

Fraud Detection

We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you detect fraud

Data Science Contractors

Hire our in-house team to work with you onsite or remotely on demand as and when needed.

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Recommendation Engines

Build recommendation engines for your clients to increase revenue and improve the user expereince

Public data mining and analysis

We scrape data from all over the internet and mix it with your internal data to provide you with new levels of insights 

Ecommerce ML

Reach new levels of success through applying machine learning to your web and ecommerce data