Data Visualisation

Data visulisation is one of the top demanded services by clients from different industries and businesses.

Everyone needs a dashboard, whether you are a team of 5 or 5000 we all need dashboards to visualise our performance.


At Smartlytics Consultancy we specialise in building visually appealing and insightful dashboards. 

We pull your data from any source into a central data warehouse and then visualise it through real time cloud based dashboards.


Whether you need an entire reporting and data visualisation solution or just need additional resources to support your in-house team, we can take care of all your data visualisation requirements.


We specialise in building dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI ,Tableau and Google Data Studio


corporate dashboard_edited.png

Corporate Dashboards

Corporate dashboards allow you to see an overview of your business/department performance ​while still enabling you to drill down through the data.

kaggle survey.png

Market Research Dashboard

Visualise your market research work and customer surveys through visually appealing dashboard. Grant access to clients or only share PowerPoint and PDF exports

GA dashboard.png

Web analytics Dashboard

Connect Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics to your PowerBI, Tableau or DataStudio Dashboard 

Digital Analytics 1.png

Digital Marketing Dashboard

No more isolated reports from each platform. Let us connect all your digital marketing data into one automated real time dashboard.

Google Ads Dashoard.png

Google Adwords Dashboard

Analyse your Google Adword campaigns through our bespoke dashboards.

Segmentation (1).png

Sales dashboard

Visualise your sales data and look for the hidden opportunities using our sales dashboards

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Recruitment Dashboard Two.png

HR Recruitment Dashboard

Analyse your recruitment data and easily identify whats working well and what isn't.


Social MEdia Dashboard

Consolidate all your social media data into one dashboard. Your data is automatically pulled from different social media platforms.

uk car accident 2.png

UK car Accident Dashboard

Look at the UK car accident data and find out which car has the highest risk for your age and gender

Ecommerce - Product Performance.png

Ecommerce Dashboard

We help you analyse your ecommerce data through building bespoke realt time ecommerce dashboards

goole play store.png

Google Play Store Dashboard

We analysed mobile apps on Google Play Store and reflected the findings through Microsoft Power BI

Gym Survey.png

Gym survey Dashboard

Visualise the voice of your customer through our insightful Power BI dashboards for customer surveys

Hotel Dashboard.png

Hotel Review Dashboard

We've used data mining and ML techniques to collect data for two hotel chains across major booking and review websites 


Santander Customer Prediction Dashboard

We help businesses predict future customer transaction through Machine Learning and then visualise the findings

Vodafone forums.png

Vodafone Forums dashboard

We help you analyse text data using NLP and then visualise the findings through our bespoke built dashboards.