Google Analytics 4

As you might already know, Google announced that the current version of Google Analytics will be decommissioned on the 1st of July 2023.

Think you still have lots of time before you need to setup your GA4 account? Think again! 

If you don't already have GA4 setup, then today's data will not be available in GA4 by July 2023.
We've made it simple to setup GA4 and replicate all events and tags in GTM through our GA4 migration plans. 


Small Websites

  • 1 GA Account/Property

  • 1 GTM Container

  • Up to 10 GTM Tags/Events

£2,000 + VAT

Medium Websites

  • Up to 3 GA Accounts/Properties

  • Up to 3 GTM Container

  • Up to 25 GTM Tags/Events

£7,500 + VAT

Large Websites

  • Up to 10 GA Accounts/Properties

  • Up to 10 GTM Container

  • Up to 60 GTM Tags/Events

£15,000 + VAT