People Analytics

Are you using your most important data, your People/HR data? Are you able to ensure better engagement, less attrition, identify future leaders and top performers? We help you analyse and visualise your HR data to make data based decisions to improve your team performance and satisfaction.

Recruitment Analytics

  • Where do your best employees come from?

  • Which recruitment channels are most effective?

  • How can you reduce costs and time?

  • Predict your future recruitment needs

Employee Performance Analytics

  • What’s driving employee performance?

  • Predict future performance on department, team and individual levels.


turnover analysis and predictions

  • Understand your healthy and regrettable attrition.

  • Reduce costs and improve performance

  • Discover new insights to why people are leaving.

  • Predict and reduce employee turnover

HR Data Visualisation

  • Visualise your HR data

  • Automated reports and dashboards

  • Custom dashboards for different departments, job functions and job seniority